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Land Reclamation
No 46 (4)

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BRACH M., CHORMAŃSKI J. Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) as a detection method of the natural river valley microtopography – case study of the Upper Biebrza

OLESZCZUK R.,URBAŃSKI J., GˇSOWSKA M. The influence of morphological changes of small lowland river on discharge rate

MICHEL M.M., RECZEK L., SIWIEC T., RUDNICKI P. Applying the coagulation and reverse osmosis for water recovery from evaporative water

SKUTNIK Z., BILINIAK M. Suction controlled triaxial testing of unsaturated medium sand and sandy clay

MALINOWSKA E.E., BURSA B.A., SZYMAŃSKI A. Derivation of consolidation partial differential equations with non-linear flow characteristics on organic soil example

ŁAJCZAK A. Changes in flood risk impacted by river training - case study of piedmont section of the Vistula river

CIUPA T., SULIGOWSKI R. The possibilities of wetland preservation within the depression cones of limestone and marl mines at Le¶nica-Małogoszcz and Bukowa in the circumstances of deepening the level of exploitation

CZAJKA A. The upper Odra as a case study of the impact of channel regulation on its morphodynamics

DEMCZUK P., ZYDROŃ T., SIŁUCH M., KLIMEK M. Impact of meteorological conditions on stability of selected slopes in the Wi¶nicz Foothills

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